Manage Your Property with Reitano Real Estate!

Real Solutions to your Real Estate Needs

Reitano Real Estate currently has over $12,000,000 in Single Family Homes and Condos under management!

Full Service Real Estate Renting Your Home

We have vested interest in you.  We expect the landlord/seller and tenant/buyer to have a very good experience under one professional Real Estate Service.  We want to sell the home when the owner is ready, and assist the tenant in their future home purchase, whether it is the home they are renting or any other home.
Reitano Real Estate Specializes in Working with Accidental Landlords

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • Free Market Analysis of Your Property
  • Prepare Your Property to Be Rented at the Highest Value
  • Deposit Rent Directly into Your Account
  • Advertise/Market the Property When it is Vacant
  • Show Your Property to Potential Tenants
  • Conduct Background Checks
  • Screen Potential Applicants and Review Findings with You
  • Handle All Administration Services
  • Conduct Scheduled Inspections of the Property
  • Maintain the Property
  • Evictions / Legal Issues As Needed
  • Any Other Necessary Service
  • Licensed Real Estate Agents on Staff
  • Custom Agreements for Condos and Townhomes
  • Offer 1-2 Years With a Quality Tenant
  • List Your Property if/when You Decide to Sell
  • Manage Lease-to-Purchase Agreements
  • Make the Transition from Renting to Selling Seamless
  • Realtor Referral Program

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